Love Overcomes Everything (死了都要愛) Episode 18

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Ah Xin, Xiao Shu and Michael is a bunch of youngsters that like rock and roll. When they first started, they formed a band and performed in a Pub. They met up with gangsters who was causing trouble and bullying them. Ah Xin, who has a hot temper tried to protect Xiao Shu and got into a fight with them causing them to all be taken to the police station. The owner, who was timid and afraid of getting into more trouble, didn't let them stay and continue to perform anymore. In succession, the guitar player, the keyboard player and the bass player starts to leave and the band was forced to disband. In order to make a living, lead vocalist, Ah Xin, goes to sell clothing at the night market. Xiao Shu felt very sorry over what happened and they both had some disagreements but these disputes cause them to be drawn closer to each other. In order to encourage Ah Xin, Xiao Shu quietly makes a CD with the song that Ah Xin created and mailed it to different record companies.

Not being able to play drums, Michael could only go and register to take a class in being a pilot. Being a pilot is a dream that he has had outside of music. There is a love story behind this dream that no one has known about. At the airport, he accidentally gets acquainted with his ex-girlfriend, Kai Ruo, who is a flight attendant. Seeing Kai Ruo get into her new boyfriend, Ban Sen's luxurious car, he feels a loneliness in his heart that he doesn't know how to explain.

Xiao Shu, lead female vocalist, returns back to the spa hotel to help out. This spa hotel is managed by her mother and the owner is actually her mother's lover, Zhang. Zhang already has a family and he doesn't have any intention of getting a divorce. Xiao Shu doesn't understand why her mother would want to guard this type of unclear relationship but her mother also has her own unspeakable secrets.

Rich girl, Xiao Hui is the band's fan. She enthusiastically introduce a bass player and keyboard player to the group. Their music is a bit confusing but their attitude is arrogant - have an exaggerated opinion of their own abilities. Due to the fact that the bass player's family opens a restaurant, it helps supply their performances and so Ah Xin and the rest of the gang is forced to accept them with much difficulty.

Xiao Hua and Tomi are from Hong Kong. For the purpose of chasing their music dreams, they came to Taipei to look for an opportunity. But reality isn't as accommodating as one hopes it to be. Real life forces them to only be able to stake out in a bar to play the electronic keyboard and to eat the spoiled soups from the bar for a living. The money that they earn is spent on the renting of a recording room to make and produce a demo. Sometimes, they don't even have enough to pay for the rent and their days become harder and harder to get through. Fortunately, Tomi's aunt comes to Taipei for a vacation. Xiao Hua secretly goes to the music shop to sell his beloved bass without letting Tomi know. As a result, he gets acquainted with the music shop's assistant, Chris.

Xiao Hua takes the money that he sold the bass for and invites Tomi and his aunt to a high class restaurant to eat and show the aunt that they are getting along very well in Taipei.

That day, Ah Xin and the gang has their first performance. The performances of the two guys that Xiao Hui introduced were out of tune and the band’s performance was forced to be discontinued. Xiao Hua couldn’t stand it and pulled Tomi onto the stage to perform on the spot and also to let Tomi's aunt see what skills they have. Their exquisite music skills left a deep profound impression on Ah Xin and the gang...

Chris comes from a well-educated traditional family. Since he was young, he has been submerged in the gracefulness of classical music. However, his dream is to form a band and make rock and roll music. Just when he is on the verge of heading towards New York's The Julliard School to further his study in music, he gets acquainted with Xiao Hua, who is selling off his bass. Therefore, under fate's arrangement, he got together with Ah Xin, Michael, Xiao Shu, Xiao Hua and Tomi.

Even though Ah Xin likes Xiao Shu but he still kept his distance from her. At this time, Xiao Shu's boyfriend, Li Xin has completed his studies and is returning back to the country. After several years of being separated, their morals, thinkings, views, and habits have developed an enormous difference. Although they both tried hard to accommodate and suit each other but in the end, they were no match for suspicions and jealousies. Xiao Shu is confronted with the dangerous situation of almost being violated by her mother's roommate, with the crisis of losing her voice, and the future of the band… all these tests. Under Ah Xin's gentle concern, the two of them gradually develops more feelings.

On a certain night, the owner of a Pub, Linda's car had a flat tire and had to be abandoned on the roadside. Ah Xin and the gang just happens to pass by and gives her a hand. From then on, Shin has a place to perform, "Strawberry Garden." Seeing each other everyday causes Michael and Linda to become good friends that talk about everything. Michael's happiness and contentment influenced Linda and from Linda's calm analysis of life and love, Michael finds answers and is enlightened. But when faced with their own relationship problems, they both don’t know what to do and feels helpless.

Even though Xiao Shu lost her voice and couldn't go on stage to sing, but her heart is still connected to the band. She succeeded in convincing John to resign from his work at the record company and come out again to work as the band's manager. After many twists and turns, they finally found a record company that is willing to help Shin release an album. They use a fighting attitude to throw themselves completely into creating and recording this album. After this low production cost album was released, it received a tremendous response from the public. John who has been loitering around all his life finally succeeds. Producer Lin, who's a business proprietor all along, finally acknowledges John's perseverance toward music. The girls' group that he has formed awhile back with his own money had a tragic ending and he was forced to resign from his position as producer.

On the eve of when the album is to be released, Qian Qian returns. Will she oppose of Chris's path down the road of rock and roll? Along with the popularity of Shin, there is a whole flock of female fans that would run after Ah Xin everyday. Xiao Shu starts to feel more and more inferior with each passing day and she quietly leaves Ah Xin…

After many hardships and struggles, the band's first concert finally opens. They are like a bunch of tigers that are running out of a mountain coming out on stage – full of energy. With their resounding and bright voice, they sang out their love for music, for life. This is Shin's perseverance - a story concerning hope and love.

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