Love Storm Episode 15

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When love and disaster approaches at the same time, the only road to obtain true love is through bravery!

Jia Le was never able to forget, the day that her aunt got married.

At that time, her aunt of excellent upbringing was forced to break up with the one that she loves by the pressure from the family. But on the day of the wedding, young Jia Le saw with her own eyes, her aunt’s lover, for love, he put on a heroic posture that blocks the whole line of cars, including the wedding car.

After that, her aunt and her lover, threw away their shackles, eloped toward their happiness, and thence, disappeared forever…

Over these past 10 years or more, Jia Le frequently looks at the necklace that her aunt gave her and ponders when her own brave love would arrive.

Jia Le is a girl with no worries and no anxieties. Good family background, good upbringing. She also has a group of good girl friends. There seems to be hardly any worries in her life now, except for her love. Jia Le’s criteria for love becomes the joke between her group of girl friends. Therefore, Jia Le, who is unwilling to compromise, insisted on setting up a stake. Nowadays, setting up a stake, one must honor it. By this, Jia Le gets caught up with worries and perplexities: So aunt’s happiness is a far away dream that can’t be reached?!

A dejected Jia Le admits that she has lost. Under all the giggles and laughter, there is only her good friend, Wan Bao Long, who insisted on encouraging her!

At the time when Jia Le is half giving up and half keeping her hope up, she finally meets the guy that helps her to block a truck!

After searching high and low, Jia Le finally finds this guy – Lu Ying Feng, who holds a position as a Marketing Plans Manager at a TV Shopping Channel. In order to make Lu Ying Feng fall in love with her, Jia Le actually maddeningly runs to this TV Shopping Channel to work!

After experiencing a whole succession of not being able to adapt, Jia Le is still able to become one of the Shopping Channel’s important character. However, from beginning till now, she still hasn’t been able to get Lu Ying Feng’s love. And Wan Bao Long, who is silently protecting her on the side, meets with bad luck every time and always misses the opportunity to express his feelings for her.

As Jia Le, step by step, enters into Lu Ying Feng’s mysterious world, as she slowly, bit by bit, understands Lu Ying Feng, she is then confronted with a succession of disasters…

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