RuYi Episode 19

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15 thoughts on “RuYi Episode 19

  1.  For those who could understand, what were the questions Grandpa asked Wei Xiang there at the end? And what were his answers?

    • I don’t remember exactly but it was along the lines of
      1. Do you always try and get the persons attention when they’re not paying attention to you?
      2. Do you act like you’re really close with her when you think that she and someone else are close as well?
      3. When she is sick, are you really worried and feels like you are the one that is sick?
      4. Who were you thinking of when answering these questions?

    • Q1 Do you like to pretend ? Meaning that even though you care alot but you will pretend as if it doesnt matter ? But at times when she doesnt seem to care , you will deliberately try to get her attention ? does that happen ? please answer!

      [wei xiang recap of past event when he try to get her to be “angry” at him for breaking term of contract  ]

      A1 : Yes ! And it seem at that moment , i was even willing to take the beating [from her]

      Mother : There is feeling of love !

      Q2 Do you behave like a dog , urinate to mark it’s territory ?

      Wei Xiang : NO!  ( meaning he is not a dog !)

      Grandfather : meaning if you see that person behaving intimate with another person , do you feel uncomfortable and so you will behave more intimate with her infront of others , so as to mark your claim on her ? Does that happen ? Please answer

      {wei xiang remembers that incident when they behave extra close ]

      A2 : It does seem to have happen …..

      Mother : Confirmation of love!

      Q3  Do you have the sense of her hurt is your pain ? meaning when that person is sick or hurt , do you get so worry or anxious as if you are the one who is hurt ? Does that happen ? please answer

      {Wei xiang rem that incident when yi jie fainted from the snake bite]

      A3 :   Of COURSE!  i was so worried that my heart nearly stop beating !

      Mother :  100% crazily in love !

      Q4 : the forth question and the last one . affirmation of identity ! when answering those question just now , the one you were thinking of in your heart …is it her ?! (pointing to mother )

      A4  ; No…i was thinking of Yi jie

      mother : you are confrimation 1000% in love with our yi jie !


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