RuYi Episode 43 The End

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16 thoughts on “RuYi Episode 43 The End

  1. i like the storyline although its already a very common one like switching of babies for any reason. but yang mi couldn’t kem emote the true feeling of anger that her facial expressioin doesn;t vary .you don’t know if she is angry or not.we just base it from her voice.she should practiice emoting feelings so that the fans will not be disappointed.kudos to hawick lau for his good acting and delivering the right emotions.

  2. Great show but a pity tt ming kai is blind and ruyi burnt is like so negligible cant see at all with the scarf. Plus how could a gunshot wound damage qiulang cornea only ?? should be some nerve damage induced blindness instead, tt could’nt be saved by a cornea transplant

  3. 我到觉得捐眼角膜是给所有人最好的交代。跟最后的剧情也很符合,这是唯一可能让如意回来的可能。 结尾很幸福,很圆满。  

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