Absolute Boyfriend Episode 10

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Manga Synopsis – Riiko is a girl unlucky in love. One day a strange-looking salesman gives her a business card for a website that sells “love figures” (androids designed for love-making). On the spur of the moment and without really understanding the implications, Riiko orders one for a 3-day free trial. She forgets to return him before the deadline, and must then work out some way to return the one million debt she now owes without anyone discovering about this embarrassing secret.

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93 thoughts on “Absolute Boyfriend Episode 10

  1. Well she’s taking the kidnapping lightly. I mean the lady is not protesting at all! No kicking, biting, scratching etc. I hope no one looks up to her as a role model cos she’s crap

    • no she is a good actor and she is trying her best to get into the tawinese character by the way she is just acting wat she is told

    • The problem is not writing/speaking ability but with language settings. He’s using Japanese/Korean but thinks he’s using Chinese, so if he writes, I bet it’ll be in Japanese/Korean etc. characters XD But if he’s speaking Cantonese then he could write it out and it will be understood.

      The smartest choice…use Google auto translate 😀

  2. This drama is such a waste of time.  According to Wikipedia, Night will exhaust his energy at the end.  Xiaofei will end up with Zhongshi.  It is so unrealistic…

    •  You are watching the wrong drama if you want reality.Did you not read  the synopsis? Robot boyfriend customized to your wishes..of course it is fantasy…an entertaining one.

    • Stop watching dramas if you really want reality. Dramas are called dramas for a reason. Furthermore, people watch dramas to entertain themselves and escape from the harsh reality, be it a second. If you do not have any fantasy or anything to dream of/about, living in this world will be filled with pain. So what if it is unrealistic, stop watching if you dislike it so much. Haters are going to hate. Peace out.

    • if you read the comic.. and not wikipedia… because quite frankly… “according to wikipedia” discredits any point you plan on making… but I digress… 

      If you read the comic, you would know that she only decided to live with ZS as roomates and slowly try their relationship out. Them being together is fully blessed by Night. The ending of this drama is very apparent not only because he’s a robot, but there is a Japanese version of this and you can easily find the manga online. 

      Next time when you try to make a point, try not to start anything with “according to wikipedia”… also this is a drama… you want realistic.. don’t watch DRAMAs… try some documentary… that should be realistic enough for you…

  3. xiaofei … seriously -___- got into the rapist’;s car.. seriously?? wow….i’m sure a blonde is more smarter than you -__-

    • Yeah…I was amazed enough when she followed that bunny and fell into a hole…. Then she went in to that guy’s room and drank a bottle of suspicious juice without hesitating…. 

  4. why does this episode look like there’s left only with a few more episodes till the end of this show. 🙁 why he malfunction so fast omg :((((( and why she gonna agree to marry zhongshi :(( NOOOOO i want night!! 🙁

  5. This show is getting better and better… I like the producers are following closely to the manga. Quite funny when Night was malfunctioning (: But quite sad when Xiaofei completely forgets about Zhongshi after the fight sequence…

  6. Kyaaaaaaaa!!!! I love it that they stay true to the manga…hehe ^^
    i thought they might skip the mini-naite because its sooo ridiculous…but they make it a mini-hologram-naite which much more like it…hehe ^^

    just please please please give naite a good ending that he deserve mr.director…just twist the end key…pls pls plssssss…^-^!! 

    he’s toooo cute and dreamy to be heartbroken >0<

  7. 吼~~~怎麼連這個也被八大移除了== 我都還沒看完>< 有像前九集那種…可以一次看完,又不用怕會被八大申訴的嗎?

  8. Omggggggggggggggggggg ! 

    New episode and this episode is one spazz-tastic one ! 

    He is like one hell of a Absolute Boyfriend alright ! 😀 
    Can’t wait for the next episode again ><

        • Yes but I agree but I love it he is so cute and so funny I thought that it was going to be a sad one because of the other robot guy but it turn out to be funny and good but that girl is starting to get me mad did she want Nighte or Zhong Shi I thought she love Nighte and don’t want him to never leave her can she make up her mind she is just flip flopping through 3 guys gee if I was her I stick with Nighte and I will be happy but again I’m happily married woman so still she need to make up her mind I feel so bad for Nighte 

  9. I thought that this episode will be a heart aching one, but it turned out to be really funny thanks to Naite’s malfunctions.  He’s really good in his constant change of language, but every word he said was really sad from the part where Xiao Fei walked him home after he took “sick leave”.  Mini Naite’s so adorable.  The last part of this episode is really frustrating: Xiao Fei’s hesitation again on whether to accept Naite is really annoying.  After saving her from Nightly 02, she still can’t decide.  Not to mentioned Zhong Shi, she doesn’t even deserve a robot’s love!

    • for me, she has already accepted Nite as her boyfriend but NOT as a lover yet( theyhaven’t done it yet). she has not accepted zongshi even when he “confessed” that he loved her. for her, he was just a Friend( because she already has Nite). going out with Zongshi(buying food at the supermarket) was not a BETRAYAL to Nite (he was under repairs). what do you want xiaofei to do alone at home?  MOPE around , SIGHED all day? for me, there is no amibivalence about her feelings for NiTE.

    • during the scene at the park, he was talking first in cantonese, then garbled language(can’t place it if it’s korean or not) then japanese, then cantonese again, then japanese.

      • oops.made a mistake. the last language was not japanese but cantonese. the last words spoken by nite is..”I’m all right, really” in cantonese.

    • Mini Night is in the Manga.
      They are following the manga, so I presume things will happen a little different from japanese version  hehehehehe
      But it is all in the manga…

    • Come down guys, it’s only the effect of the drama! 😀
      By the way, who do you think is more suitable for XiaoFei? NaiTe or ZhongShi??

      • It doesn’t even matter who’s more suitable anymore….if she’s keep acting like that, she deserve neither of them. T____T

      • if i were xiaofei, i’ll take Nite anytime because he knows what i want.(remember, i am the creator of what makes him an absolute boyfriend). he will follow my wish and command(so there will NEVER be quarrels and arguments. that might be boring to some girls but not to me). he will NEVER cheat on me while zongshi MIGHT in the future because he is human after all.
        if one can’t LIVE with the idea of not having children, then choose ZongShi. but there’s this thing called invitro fertilization…..another plus point for Nite.

    • she was afraid to get sunburned.hahaha. seriously, there are 2 reactions during an emergency, either you overly respond ( jump out) or lack of response(stay put)…lack of response kicks in when one finds one cannot fight it(can xiaofei meddle in their fight?will they heed her call to stop the fight? NO.) i remember one incident wherein i was robbed in broad daylight. he told me to give him my goldbracelet and I OBEYED without putting a fight at all. after the incident, i just felt NUMB and WEAK. some of you might say, why didn’t i shout and fight against him? don’t know what happened, my actions might seem CRAZY to some. so, i understand why she didn’t get out of the car.

  10. XF is unbearable! But Night is cute as always. The part where he speaks different languages is super funny and then romantic…

    • but i gather you are pro-japanese version absolute boyfriend fan. if it is lame, then blame it to the author of absolute boyfriend because the taiwan version is only FOLLOWING the plot of the original manga comics version.

      • Or maybe, she’s not (a pro-japanese version fan)….she might just be stating her opinion.  Every drama always have a moment when a fan suddenly think the show is lame. 

        • she should have said this episode not the show as a whole. if i can get my way, i would like to scrap the miniature NITE because in the manga(dunno what really happened but) Nite got tinY!
          I felt it was so MANGAISH in this series(can’t blame them since they are only following the script based on the manga)but at least it was REDEEMED when they showed him as sort of TELEPORTED Nite( remember the STAR TREK series words”Beam me up, Scotty?”) not the real mini Nite as was in the manga.

  11. 曉飛真的很煩耶!!!
    越看越心急= =
    宗使明明是人類 又對他那麼好 為啥不選他? 反而去選一個 一親就跑掉的男友? 別人一講系統號碼他就當機不動
    而且還有一堆問題 以後他老了怎辦 外奈特還是一樣年輕
    嫁給宗始就好了咩 煩= =

    • it was too late. she was really into Nite when zongshi told her he loved her. if he had earlier professed his love to her, she would not have agreed in the first place to try out the love robot.
      actually, i love this series because it gives you a LOT to THINK about…situations wherein one doesn’t know what to do next ..hard decisions dilemmas, like is it ok to fall in love with a robot and can one live with a robot and treat him as a husband,etc/

  12. sky was very manly :O !!! 

    Don’t die in the next preview ; _ ;! 
    Poor zhong xi = <
    If xiao fei and him get married, he won't have a pure and normal love life with her – sigh- 
    (please give a zhong xi to me! )

  13. Oh and after all that had happened to her, how can she not be angry? ….is SHE a robot too? lol! i would’ve made up my mind and not want anything to do with this crazy company if i were her. 

    •  Good thing you were not XF otherwise we have no drama. There are many ways a certain situation can resolve. If everyone behave the same way , predictably, then there is no story.Stop comparing and just relax and enjoy the drama (it is not real) or don’t watch.

  14. ok i really cant stand that girl (the main girl). She could’ve answered the phone as soon as that guy (the close friend) called but instead, she stares at it and then the 2nd robot took it. =_= THEN, when Night appeared and the 2nd robot finally stopped the car, she had the PERFECT moment to get out of the car but she sits in there and tries to tell the 2nd robot to stop the car LOL which made no sense. I guess my point is, she doesn’t deserve her friend nor even robots. The Japanese version was a lot easier to watch. T T

    • Even in the real world, who are we to decide who deserve whom to love? Only sensible person deserves love? Isn’t true love unconditional?  Anyway, it is just a story…an entertaining one…

    • The Japanese version didn’t have much happening in it though, instead, the robot kept annoying the main girl and making her angry.
      I like the Taiwanese version better, at least there are exciting things to expect
      (I don’t mean to go against you or anything, this is just my opinion)

    • Tbh, I found those parts extremely dumb as well, but from what I’ve heard, the TW version is still a lot better as a whole. Don’t hold it against me since I’ve never watched the Japanese version; I’m just stating what a lot of others have said!

    • For me..the Japanese version is kinda far away from the manga….I think Xiao Fei is on a state of shock I guess..haha..anyways some people in real life don’t know how to react with those situations..

  15. I had so much fun watching this episode. Night speaking in different languages had me laughing so hard.It is hilarious that the little kid is head of Kronos and boss.The manga writer is making fun of the way humans behave.Interesting. It is like live animation of the manga.
    People, we are already at episode 10. Why not just enjoy the series for what the director and the writer take us. Stop comparing to the manga(yes it wil follow the manga closely) or the Japanese version. Just enjoy the series.

    • Same here! This episode was sooo fun to watch. : ) I nearly fell off my chair laughing at all of the languages he was speaking. The fighting scene was seriously angsty as well.

  16. ok, a litle acceptable because it is not a real miniature Nite but only an Optical vision-transfer of Nite through technology

  17. oh no, they really adapted and followed the script closely…. the miniature Nite..i was afraid of this because i thought it was a little bit ridiculous. only a manga artist can think of it this way…creativity freedom??

    • I alway thought about the mini Night. If he was able to have his memory transplanted to a mini Night why does the manga needs to end as it ends? ( No spoiler intented)

  18. ohmygosh, i hate the Lame script( i was so irritated) during the fight. there should be no conversations at all because it just RUINED the whole thing. this is like watching anime fight wherein the talking outpaced the fighting and it took a considerable episodes to finish a single fight. hahaha!
    Night was pushed so hard that he fell back several meters away by the 2nd robot and it was only when he was lifted that he knew the other one was a robot?…lame script.
    i love this series but it was undermined abit by their conversations. well, a little “script error”…

    • It’s only creating tension.
      I personally think that the conversation is needed because otherwise XiaoFei wouldn’t know that the other guy is a robot too.
      But I do agree with you about how thy talked too much, perhaps if the script could be shortened 

  19. in the manga, their fight is at home? if i remember it right. that was the time zong shi heard the commotion and saw them fighting and discovered that NIGHT was a robot

      • Zhong Shi is kinda slow..to realize his true feelings..to the fact that he knows Xiao Fei since childhood..in real life if the guy is like that..it’s kinda minus point..but Zhong Shi is so cute that Xiao Fei has to reconsider..hehe 😀

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