Absolute Boyfriend Episode 13 The End

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Manga Synopsis – Riiko is a girl unlucky in love. One day a strange-looking salesman gives her a business card for a website that sells “love figures” (androids designed for love-making). On the spur of the moment and without really understanding the implications, Riiko orders one for a 3-day free trial. She forgets to return him before the deadline, and must then work out some way to return the one million debt she now owes without anyone discovering about this embarrassing secret.

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99 thoughts on “Absolute Boyfriend Episode 13 The End

  1. 哭惨了好不好。。。不想哭也被他们感动到情不自禁地掉泪。。。鼻子都塞住了啦!! 真希望那10秒会留到50年以后。。。 如果有Part2 该有多好。。。 爱死奈特了<3

  2. I replayed this episode like 4x and I cried 4x too. Seriously it hurt me so much and, that I have no more tears.. I LOVE THIS SHOW! Nai Te and Xiao Fei Thanks.

  3. I couldn’t stop thinking about this drama even though it had ended. O my God… Never cried so much since the drama “the girl in blue”.. Why the story is so short? They could have made it at least to become a 20+ episode.. Compared to 80 episodes of Love Now, this certainly has a more emotional factor… Nai Te, you have to come back alive.. You just have to…

  4. 为什么就是有人不喜欢这部戏呢? 我觉得很好看,虽然结局会有点失望,不过仔细想也觉得很有意识!棒棒棒:P

  5. 为什么这部片的结尾要这样。有没有搞错啊。害死人呐。哭不停。奈特为什么要坏掉。那十秒至于要拍的这么伤感吗。。。。。哭死了啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊!!!!!!!!!

  6. 为什么这部片的结尾要这样。有没有搞错啊。害死人呐。哭不停。奈特为什么要坏掉。那十秒至于要拍的这么伤感吗。。。。。哭死了啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊!!!!!!!!!

  7. i just finished watching this drama yesterday..i already know the ending is sad but i watched the last part dunno my eyes seem like wanna cry…i can’t get over to series..im looking forward for 50yrs part..i hope there is =)…im always admire gu hye sun and now jiro wang is my favorite taiwan actor..

  8. 編輯的人滿貼心的,因為結尾真的是讓人太痛了,所以接上了幕後花絮(有些集沒有花絮)
    幸好後面有花絮,不然我不知道會哭到甚麼時候T____________________________T 真的太悲痛了

  9. omg i thought this drama was meant to be a cute and funny drama.. but it made me cry so much! a really good meaningful drama and such good acting by jiro <3 d(^_^)b

  10. Yap i watch the jap verison nearly zzz..But this one is so senstimental,touching,meaningful and sweet! Tell us to treasure and not to judge/doubt our love ones whom are real and also every couple share a “special moment/memory” like the show when she realise the “replacement” is fake! ^.^ 

  11. one of the things i like about this version more than the jap version is that the main female & night is actually romantically involved! it really annoyed me in the jap version where the guy did some much for the girl & she didnt really love him as a human. the ending was so sad, i knew it would end the way it did. they cant really change it even if they tried, cause no matter what naite is still a robort.

    no matter what anyone says i prefer jiros version of night more. seeing him with expression, feelings & being human-like just made the ending that much more sadder, and sweet moments just that much more sweeter. i really liked how the drama ended right after the 10 seconds, maybe xiao fei will end up with zhong si later on, but i dont think i would want to see it happening right after watching naite die!

    i was never a huge fan of jiro but after this i love the guy! btw loved the wedding dress 🙂

    • those who preferred the japanese version, i think, are biased. so, whatever version is to appear; taiwan version or korean version( yes, there will be one….just like meteor garden, too many versions), won’t shake them off from believing that japanese version is better.
      for me, you said the points very clearly already,of course, i LOve the TAIWAN version.

    • I agree I found the Taiwanese version better in terms of plot and character development. The only issue I had was my lack of empathy for the main leads…I actually did not cry at all :/ That makes me disturbed a bit since I cried for the Japanese one. I’m not really feeling the chemistry between the two leads. I can really feel Zong Shi’s love for Xiao Fei since I was really rooting for him (I believe this is because Xun Da is actually pretty good actor) but that dampened once Night has discovered his own will. But somehow I’m still not rooting for the two leads so I think they could do better. I feel like I’m watching them date…not watching them love each other? I think they should have shown a bit more of Night doing more and more for her (as in more than what he’s programmed to, being a human and actually loving Riiko not just because he’s programmed to) much earlier in the show.

      But I have to say I really like how the producers script it and tied up the loose ends…Riiko’s discovery of what it means to love, Night being much more than a machine. I love the characterization in the Taiwanese one and development of the side characters to serve as foil for Night and Riiko. I liked how it end and how they included that sprinkle of hope that Night can be brought back in the future (and I personally think he can as long as his “brain” or memory/mind/soul is not damaged…think of how advanced our technology has become).

      As for the argument about loving a machine, I personally don’t think it’s impossible. I mean I love my stuffed dog, an inanimate object, because I talked to it about worries, sadness, happiness. I hug it even if it doesn’t respond to me. If I were to lose my stuffed dog, I would have been sad…that sadness is nothing like seeing my printer break down…it’s all the memories and emotions shared/associated with the object too. So I think this drama portrayed the themes/issues really well.

    • out of the 4 fahrenheit members, jiro had the 1st crack in acting. he was no neophyte.
      calvin is better off in being a variety tv show host. he has the gift of gab.
      wuzun is ok too. aaron is the cutest and he is my 2nd favorite ( in acting) after JIRO, of course.
      i am waiting like FOREVER for jiro’s next series, Drama Go Go Go ( taiwan series sometimes have 2 or more english titles but only 1 chinese title). before, it was announced it would air in 1st week of july, then another show replaced its time slot and again it was shelved. maybe, it will air at the same time of jiro’s upcoming album promotion ( hitting 2 birds with 1 stone?) ……album and drama.

  12. i would say this ending part was done really good just like what Jli0324 said!
    It was well made even though comparing to the japan version i the main actor did more of a better job of portraying the robot character.

  13. This was a wonderful ending. I didn’t really care for it in the beginning because I really LOVED the Japanese one (and cause the leads were a bit awkward with each other probably cuz of the language barrier in the beginning.. not to mention Nai-te was suppose to be played by Wu Zun), but it always bothered me that they took his memory out into a chip to show what Night saw when he was falling for Reiko. Also, the SP they made for it was weird and not good. 
    This version followed the comic close enough and made the ending very well. In the comic, Reiko never ends up with night. Just like here, Night “dies,” but in the comic (and even in the japanese version) they show that Night knew when he would be leaving Reiko so he decides to gift his ring to her best friend. It was never clear whether she accepted his love or not; they just lived they way they did as is. In the live-action Japanese one, Cronos Heaven gives Reiko Night’s memory chip to her as a good bye gift because that was what Night wanted, but I didn’t think that that ending was well thought out, because I didn’t think the love that Night has for Reiko can be conveyed through images of her and a message from him. 

    This ending however made so much sense to me. He drops his single tear like all versions, but we go into his last 10 seconds of life to see what was running through his memory like someone’s life flashing before their eyes and it was all of XF and their time spent together. Also, because he cherishes them so much, you can see and physically feel his struggle to see all his memory till the last second. There is so much love conveyed in the way this ended. Definitely my favorite ending. 

  14. can you imagine how difficult it must be for them to act when they are both speaking to each other in different languages?? I think they are fantastic actors to be able to do that and with such emotions. 

  15. 整個感動的結局!!都哭掉一整包衛生紙了啦!!:”( 最後三集根本是讓觀眾消耗衛生紙的嘛!!希望有續集讓奈特回來捏~~不然結局真的太讓人不捨了啦!!~!

  16. I feel so sad after watching the ending. I hope there is a part added where 50 years later NaiTe come back alive and meet XiaoFei again. It would make me more comfortable thinking that NaITe could come back to XiaoFei’s side. The Japanese version has a continuing part, so I think that the Taiwanese version should too. The ending left a hole in my heart, it’s like I am experiencing death with the screen shutting on me after the 10 seconds of flashbacks.
    PS The drama just made me fall in love with you even more, Jiro Wang! So good luck in the future for your fans!

  17. The japanese version was so much better, this one sucks. This last ep was too rushed and finished with a horrible ending (not because it’s a sad ending, but because it just ended too abruptly).

    • Sorry I have to disagree . The whole episode is like saying goodbye to someone you love. Right to the end, like ZS , some of us do not want to give up and still hope. Then there is how one says goodbye to a loved one. These 2 lovers had said goodbye to each other  and wishes for each other. Life does end with death. Full-stop. The last 10 seconds of happy memories were beautiful. To prolong it would be draggy. This drama make you think of cherishing your loved ones.

  18. Very beautiful sad ending. Very relatable to life. When one is dying, at his last breath, does one think of happy memories , leaving loved ones behind? One would want them to move on and be happy. One of the best final episode, done beautifully, well-acted and very touching. Thank you, AB team.

  19. robots aren’t supposed to cry. i think they made ni-te to shed tears to show that he is as human emotionally as people are though physically he is a robot. that he really loved xiaofei wholeheartedly and not only being programmed to love xiaofei.

  20. I don’t really like the ending too much. 
    Why didn’t Xiaofei get together with Zongshi? 
    He worked so hard 7Days.. Without sleep and eat.
    Although he did not succeed. Won’t you just THANK HIM?
    *awesome show, i say*

    • She did. She asked Lui MuMu to thank zongshi. That’s why she wanted zongshi to have a good sleep after working so hard for 7 days

  21. in the manga, they finally did it. but in this series, they didn’t. i guess , the production wanted to keep the series WHOLESOME.

  22. urgh!! I guess the song is that one bringing up all the emotions and making it even sadder. I like the part where Jiro teared with his eyes close. My tears just literally flunk out of my eyes. And yea. The last 10sec flashblack is like.. urgh!! So environmental-unfriendly!!! *Spamming tissues*

  23. OMG such a sad ending, didn’t expect this ending, cause usually TW drama all have happy endings. But I guess is very touching and a good ending in a sad way 

  24. I was so very satisified of the ending, it was like a bittersweet ending. Of course it was sad to see Naite go to sleep, but I thought it was sweet how in his last 10 seconds it was memories he cherished most with Xiao Fei. I am just speechless. I loved how this ended and I saw the ending of the Japanese drama and the ending was okay, but it was more sad in my opinion.

    I like how they just ended there cuz sometimes dramas tend to make the worst endings because they drag it on way to long. I am happy they did not fully stick to the manga.

    I was crying a lot towards the end. So sad, but I definitely loved this drama!

  25. I had been anxious to know the ending: wanting to know if this drama would follow the manga.  If they didn’t, I feel like it’s not right to say this drama is adapted from the manga & if they follow, would they make it as good as the manga?  Halfway watching this episode, I was hoping that they would provide some miracle for Naite as I thought Taiwanese idol dramas always make good endings, but this time it’s totally different.This is the saddest episode of a Taiwanese drama that I’ve ever seen.  Xiao Fei’s flashbacks of hiding what she knows about Naite’s condition had me crying all the way to the end!  OMG!  Anyway, I am really satisfied with how the story goes, & how it ends.  I love the last part where they bring viewers into Naite’s 10 seconds flahbacks of his most precious memories before “the end”.  I think it’s very creative & beautifully done.  I was hoping that Naite would keep his 10 seconds for 50 years later or for another extra 1 or 2 more episodes, but I guess I was too greedy. His motherboard was indeed totally exhausted.    Luckily, they provide some bloopers/BTS at the end of this drama, otherwise, I’ll need more tissue!Another thing I noticed in this episode: Jiro’s indeed very good looking in cardigans!!!  And this make up for the sad ending…..

  26. Very moving sad ending. What a beautifully written love story. It makes you think about what is true love and true friendship and about life. Thank you AB cast and team.What an incredible journey you took us these past 13 weeks.. Thank you,Sugoibd for the fast upload  of all the episodes . Thanks to all for your interesting comments throughout this drama.

  27. although a sad ending, i have to say this might be one of the best endings i’ve seen in taiwanese dramas, i think if they kept going, it wouldn’t have been as nice. like some dramas they just show a lot of memories in the last ep and they dnt end the drama nicely. Like they could’ve stopped it at one point but decide to carry on and mess up the whole ending.

  28. Sad ending. I was hoping for Xiaofei to get together with Zongshi after Night’s gone, but she did not. 
    I was thinking that they may even fast-forward 50 years when Night is finally healed and functioning well again but they did not. Disappointed. But, the ending was still touching. 

    • i wish they cut the years 50 to 15 years. by that time, xiaofei is not that old yet and they can live happily ever after.

  29. the robot does not differ from a person nearing “death”. they say that a terminally ill person is always SLEEPY, nearly unresponsive. who knows that the last few minutes that a person had in his mind upon his last breath is the memories of his beloved ones, just like what ni-te had of xiaofei.

  30. (TT^TT) the director obviously didnt hear my shout out here…..he probably haven’t watched Pinocchio so he didnt know how to twist the end…huhu….but the sad ends moved my emotion…anyway thanks for ur prompt the upload ^^ 

    • i think it is best that they stick to the original storyline, although we want a happy ending.
       if this was NOT based on a manga series, they can be free to make changes.
      if they make changes, they might be sued for copyright infringement????

  31. i am sorry i didn’t finish her sentence….: if we wait for qi xi festival, there would be lots of lovers in this area( so it is the best time now). you are my first boyfriend. and i wouldn’t want to regret that we hadn’t flown the paper balloon while we were still dating ( she meant that they should not wait after getting married to do it )

  32. i think she had an inkling about it because she said she could not wait for Qi Xi ( a chinese equivalent of Valentine’s day, i think) to fly the paper balloon. she would like to fly it now.

  33. “what would you like us to do today? because today is the last day that i would be your boyfriend.”
    xiaofei said,”that’s right because tomorrow you would be my husband.”.
    Ni-te did not tell xiaofei about his “Health”. she had no idea that he was malfunctioning.

  34. Okay i know i’ve been asking for a happy end…but this is by faaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr to what i aspect it to be….is this really how it ends? i mean in the drama….thats all???? or r they expecting a 2nd season or something??? (X_X)

  35. they can’t register their marriage because ni-te did not write down his date of birth and he has no id number.

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