Absolute Boyfriend Episode 09

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Manga Synopsis – Riiko is a girl unlucky in love. One day a strange-looking salesman gives her a business card for a website that sells “love figures” (androids designed for love-making). On the spur of the moment and without really understanding the implications, Riiko orders one for a 3-day free trial. She forgets to return him before the deadline, and must then work out some way to return the one million debt she now owes without anyone discovering about this embarrassing secret.

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36 thoughts on “Absolute Boyfriend Episode 09

  1. OMG!!! ive seen the manga and i was wondering just a few episodes ago if this drama was even following the mange. i only realised now that it was, OMG, its so close to the final battle thing~~ so exctied~~~

  2. 如果不是兩情相願 而且後來又什麼都不記得…這應該是被叫做強姦吧…哪來的”上床”?

    If XF didn’t want it…and she doesn’t remember anything about it…shouldn’t that be rape rather than “went to bed”?

    • It would be but I think regardless of how you term it, the fact is sexual intercourse between them occurred (or so Xiao Fei believed…it could be faked…who knows :S) . That is what Riiko/Xiao Fei is troubled by…rather than thinking that she was a victim, and should report to the police (a rational decision), she is thinking about the betrayal, that she did it with someone else and she can’t get over the guilt.

  3. now i no why this show doesnt get high ratings… it’s a bit too…. dont think it’s very good for younger kids. like they ask mm what theyre on about ==’

    • Watase Yuu’s (the artist who draw the story for Absolute Boyfriend) content has always been for mature audience. Fushigi Yuugi was the same, with mentions of rape and violence/character deaths. Ayashi no Ceres was the same too; I never actually finished reading it because it was pretty dark…and has no comic relief like Fushigi Yuugi did.

  4. Man I really don’t like that girl. She is totally clueless and keep hurting people who love her. She thinks she could deal with problems but she can’t. So damn retarded.

  5. I hate Jiang Jun Shu! Typically bad ppl look!!! XF is really stupid, how come she can’t even recall back the drink???
    But I think it is a good thing Nai Te return the ring to LWW coz he was too depending on it. He will know her feeling but always dunno the reason of her feeling.

  6. 再看下去,我不是被筱菲的白目搞瘋就是被俊樹弄瘋了啦﹗

  7. They took a piece of XF’s memory and turned it into JX… you should read the comic; this drama follows the comic pretty well… besides the age difference from the comic (16 yr) and them being adults in here… this follows it a lot better than the japanese one. 

  8. Geum Jandi is a wonderful character..And that character made Ku Hye Sun a Hallyu star..Jandi is not stupid, dumb or fake..She’s one of the best characters in Korean dramas that I know..

    •  I like Jandi character, too.She is a positive, spunky girl who don’t let difficulties put her down. She is not perfect.

      • I know right..how can somebody call her a dumb character when she is actually full of hope, surprises and strength..she’s really a great character..i don’t understand these people calling her a fake..i just can’t stand it.. 😀

  9. because he was programmed to be that way. remember the many requirements that xiaofei put in as conditions of an absolute boyfriend/lover, she might have filled out that whatever happened, he would never question her(guess) or get angry with her.his existence is to serve xiaofei and be the best lover to her. so when he thought xiaofei had went to bed with the other man, his exitence had been nullified. there was no purpose at all in continuing to be her lover anymore because he felt he had not pleased her. that was why he wanted to be RECALLED.

  10. i also can’t understand why some viewers expect this version of robot boyfriend to be robotic-like.the manga creator didn’t make it out this way. in fact, in the manga, no one can discern that night is not a human being.he is as human as the boy next door.
    imagine if night acted really like a robot, can xiaofei feel something for him in the long run? one won’t have any ROMANTIC attachment to a robot.

    •  You are right on. This is because people keep comparing to the Japanese version, which really did not make sense of Riko falling for him,when he was so robotic.

  11. Omo….im just over-reacted over this episode….hehe ^^! 
    in this eps….Naite is tooooooo dreamy n toooo cute to be heartbroken xDDno pun intendedeverybody deserved love aite…peace (^^)v

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